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Driving Sustainability: Our Role in Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme

In Victoria, the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) incentivizes recycling by offering refunds on eligible containers. Embracing this initiative, the TRH has committed to:

1. Collection Points: We are now established as a collection point at the hotel to encourage community participation in recycling efforts.

2. Public Awareness: We are active in raising awareness about the benefits of the CDS and promoted active involvement.

Our involvement in the CDS will lead to tangible environmental benefits, including resource conservation and pollution reduction. Moving forward, we're committed to expanding our efforts to drive sustainability and create a greener future for generations to come.

If you have containers to return, it's simple:

*Separate and count your items (Aluminium, glass or PET)

*Download the app

*Bring your containers into the bar, and we will help you do the rest.

So, when you next visit for dinner, a drink or simply driving through - bring your containers along your returnable containers with you. Who knows? You might end up covering the cost of your meal!

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