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No planet, no pints..

Sustainability is close to many of our hearts, and at the Travellers Rest Hotel we care about the impact we make - the lighter our footprint the happier we will be.

Our contribution has already started with active recycling. All our bottles, cans, and paper are carefully separated into recycling bins, and soft plastic is collected to deliver to RedCycle facilities. So far, we have managed to divert a huge proportion of our waste out of landfill. 

The next step is to reduce our carbon miles on supplies. We want to buy local wherever we can. Paddock to plate is our plan, and we have already got in contact with a few local suppliers to make this happen!

We also plan to introduce a green waste composting system for the food scraps that the restaurant will generate.

In the longer term, we plan to transition to renewable energy by placing solar panels on our enormous roof area. We aim to achieve this in the next few years as we know it will make a substantial difference on our carbon footprint.

Follow our sustainability journey on our facebook page, or let us know if you have ideas that could help us reduce our waste!

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