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Moderne Staircase leading to accommodation
Two large queen size bedroom
Three generous twin rooms with shared bathroom

Weekend Stay and Play

Be Surprised!

Venture up the inviting Art Deco stairs to the first floor of the TRH and you will find five well appointed accommodation rooms and a function area that opens out to the balcony overlooking  the main streets of Thorpdale - wave to the locals why don't you?

Let's Get Together

Planning a Visit?

Our happiness inspired package is designed for you to meet with old friends for whatever occasion.
Book the top floor for just $800 per night (Thurs, Fri & Sat nights only), and we will give you the keys! Five bedrooms (accommodating 10 people), your own entertaining areas and personal balcony to toast out the day.

You can even host a party and stay the night....while all the other poor souls have to drive home!

You don't need transport so kick off your shoes with something special or a la carte - your choice. Think food and drinks upstairs, or march on down and join the locals in our public bar and/or dining room (they won't even notice your bare feet!).


Just need a room for a night or two? Rooms are available to rent on a per room basis.  Contact us via email or phone for availability and pricing.

Not worth wasting our breath starting anew about what there is to do in this region- there is a fully resourced website at your fingertips:- to make your stay a winner.

If we are unable to help you with your accommodation needs have a look at what is on offer via OUR LOCAL ACCOMMODATION TAB.

Enquiries and Bookings via

Command the balcony by hiring the whole floor
Have a private function upstairs
Country Ambience
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